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Can you get a negative result on a home pregnancy test if you are in fact pregnant ? Lets say 7 weeks?

Posted by Anxious

I've been off birth control since September 18th and have not gotten a period since September 21st.  I have had breast soreness since October 4th.  I spotted for two days (10/30 & 10/31) and it was very very light.  In fact it was brownish-red. All hpt have been negative.  Don't know what's wrong.
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your body has to adjust to working off its own hormones.  Adjustment can be within a cycle  or can take as long as six cycle...


Until then your cycles will be wonky

Oh and at 7 weeks preg any pregnancy test would come out positive...
Thanks very much, Im going to get my blood test today.
I was on birth control for 5 years before my husband and I decided to try to get pregnant...  When I stopped taking the pills, my body went crazy.  I had periods that were 21 days apart and some that were 32 days.  My breast hurt like crazy, moodiness, constipation.  For the first 6 months things were happening that made me think I was pregnant.  I just knew I was! I finally went and spoke with my dr., and he said that it takes a few months for things to regulate.  All that said, if your wanting to get pregnant, be patient and don't get your hopes up every time something weird happens with your body. Right now it could just be your body is trying to get on it's natural cycle!
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