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can you describe the discharge of an early miscarriage?I think I had one,I passed white-ish membrane type thing with some blood

Posted by copperfire

I have a history with miscarriages, it runs in my family also. This one was much earlier than I've ever had before so I'm not sure what the symptoms are at this stage. It would be before 7 weeks. I had severe cramps on and off the week before it happened, I wasn't even aware that I was pregnant (or if I was). It was a very heavy bleed (clots) with tissue being passed, and a day after I passed the membrane type substance the bleed stopped. It came back briefly (only when I wipe, not enough for a pad) and is a very bright pink-ish colour and a strange texture. I just want to know if I had a miscarriage or not, and I don't know what the discharge from an early loss should be.
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