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can you actually feel signs of a pregnancy in 5-7 days after the conception?

Posted by mimidang73


With my first pregnancy, I have never experienced any sign of morning sickness.  Therefore, I really don't have the personal experience other than reading and hearing people describing about it. 


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some women say they do...but the thing is the same hormone that sustains pregnancy in that stage is progesterone  which also happens to be the hormone that is dominant in the luteal phase (time after ovulation) of every woman's cycle.


Some might experience what is called "implantation spotting" or "implantation cramping" in the time frame you are describing- but there is no way to say 100% that indicates a pregnancy (even looking back when a pregnancy test comes up positive.  


It is best for your sanity if you don't worry about those things when trying to concieve

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