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can there be pregnancy signs before your expected period?

Posted by rachelmaejones

theres 2 weeks untill my expected period, and i think im having pregnancy signs,

some of them are, my lower abdomon looks bloated and feels hard, everything bothers me or pisses me off, my breast are always tender, i get headaches every so often, im tired all the time and sleep, i noticed i eat more, but sometimes i dont feel like eatting.

are these pregnancy signs or pre-menstrul ?

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I wish someone would answer this, because I am having the same thing... except for everything "bothering me." But, this is my first month off of the pill in 10 years. I am 27 years old and we are TTC. I really am not that "in-tuned" with my body, since I have been on the pill and your body is totally different while on BC. Anyway... I feel very bloated and I am more hungry than usual. Cramping. Sore boobs (which I NEVER HAVE). Daily headaches, and some dizziness. I am tired too, but I don't know if that's any different than usual. I just want to KNOW!! I hate all this "waiting."
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