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Can surgery for a topic pregnancy cause a laceration on your liver?

Posted by Miyoshikt

My Sister recently had a laceration on her liver. The night before i took her to the hospital she and her boyfriend were in a violent fight. Due to her other visable injuries the doctors blamed the fight for her bleeding liver (although she had no bruises on her side). Now her boyfriend is facing assult charges, and she is begining to believe her liver problems are not his fault. She was having alot of pain in her shoulder the evening before they fought, and she had surgery for a 14 week topic pregnancy 4 weeks prior to the fight. Is it possible the surgery caused a laceration on her liver and went unoticed for 4 weeks?
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That is something best determined by a physican. 


My own personal opinion (which isn't worth much of anything): a lacerated liver would probably have presented far earlier than four weeks. From what I know a laceration (or any liver trauma) is caused by blunt force trauma.  Here are some links for you to look farther into your issue:



Online Doc

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