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Can prenatal vitamins make your period late or could I be pregnant and the test be wrong?

Posted by gibsonkb

My period is always dead on, 28 days long.  I am trying to have a baby and this time it is a few days late.  I took a test, but it was negative.  So now I am wondering, is it possible that by taking prenatal vitamins, I have thrown my cycle off?  The doctor said to go ahead and get them and take them so that I would have everything in my system.  But I can't get ahold of them until monday...So could this be what is wrong?  Or could it be that I am pregnant and just don't have enough levels for the test that I used.  (One-Step Pregnancy Test)????
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I meant, my cycle is 28 days.

Hi, It happened with me too. I have always had my period on 14th of every month.. never missed a period till now.. and never did it shift by 2 days.. (I am 26 years now and no chance at all of being pregnant).  Starting from Aug 5th I took prenatal vitamins and now it has been 2 days past 14th and yet no period. I have seen may posts on yahoo as well as other sites where many women posed the same question. But the answer seems to be -- prenatal does not affect periods.  May be doctors and researches should think twice about this answer as there are good number of people who have faced this. Taking into consideration the popularity of this question on google ... I came to a conclusion that prenatal vitamins does delay one's period.




Well the same thing has happen to me, I've always had regular periods all my life it has never missed me. I've been on prenatals for about 4 months now and realize two months ago my period came 3 to 4 days later. Now this present month I'm still waiting for my period which is 9 days late and counting. I took 2 at home pregnancy tests one clear blue and one pharmacy generic brand all negative. So, right now I'm so down but not totally out, it is so not right for the pharmacies to not disclose this side effect; I'm taking Vitafol-OB+DHA.

Also, If this has happen to you as well you can email me at

I just need answers to this It so fustrating and not right but I will test again to see if I'm pregnant.

It is happening to me as well... and I am sure I am not pregnant. Did you get your period eventually or did you had to go to the doctor? Thank you
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