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Can implantation bleeding occur almost two weeks after period was to occur?

Posted by ctower85

My last period was july 31st its is now sept 9. I am almost 2 weeks late and have had concerns of being pregnant. Yesturday I had two really small spots of blood on my underwear. I thought finally i have my period. Since then I havent had anything, if anything just brownish discharge and barely any of that..... i have a small child so have been through pregnancy before and this did not happen. I want to know could it be implantation bleeding or is it a slow start to my period? This spotting happened 24 hours ago and only small discharge flow whatsoever.... I need advice what could this be? could i be pregant? or is the implantation timing too off to be that? please help. thanks

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hi my names becky my last period was 23rd of august full 5 days all good then two weeks later i expirienced some pink spotting two nights in a row im not sure if this is implantation i was due on my period on the 23rd of september and am now 4 days late and have no sighn or anything of a period what does this mean help please my periods are irregular but have never expirienced this i did a test 4 days after the spotting and neg could i be pregnant
i hav had the same prob! me & my husband is trying for a baby, i had my period on the 23.oct.11... am not sure of my ovulating dates, but ive read up on what way things is when ovulating (discharge) & to me i was ovualating, i had browny discharge on the 10th nov, & am thinkin is this implantation???  & hav felt quezzy 4 three days jurnin that time... then i was grand, nothing wrong apart from been so bloated but i always b bloated b4 my period, but over this past few days, i feel sick with the bloatin, my periods due on the 20th of nov... normally i get really sore breasts 2weeks b4 my period, but ive no sore breasts, which is really weird 4 me, cas i always have sore breasts, ive been emotional a few times, not that bad but.... & i no its to early 2 test, but ive heard of people testing early,& they where positive,  & i thought i'd try, but was neg.. i remember with my 3rd child how bloated i was, i looked 4-5 months preg, &  i look like it now, but am scared bcas i want a child, is my head runnin away with me?? time will tell!! 5days time hopefully i will have good news
my period started june 2 and ended on the 8th, then on june 12th i started my period again and it didnt end till the 16th and i was supposed to start june 30th, i was 14 days late till earlier tonight (july 13th) started having pink/red light bleeding, been having cramps since last week, and for the past couple of days i have been feeling sick to my stomach but not to the point of throwing up. usually when my periods start they are heavy right off the bat, but this is light pinkish red, its only a darker red and pink when i wipe and there isnt much on my pad ( i have no panty liners). could this be implantation bleeding or not? 
and then what happened? Where you pregnant or not? I´m very interested in your answer because I´m going through the same thing right now, my husband and I are not really looking for a baby, but if it comes we would be more than happy!!! hope you could answer back!

it could be implanation bleeding

it happened with me too...but after 1 week i had positive preg test
Im not sure how long ago you posted this, but I was wondering what your results were, because i'm experiencing the same thing! I was expecting my period on Oct 21st and have very regular periods, then started this weird brownish pink discharge for about a day and a half. Im not sure when i should test again? Or should i assume that was my period and it just came late this month?? please help me and let me know... thank you in advance!
hi to all.........i am late for my period and suddenly after 7 days i saw blood in the panty. but it was not like my regular continued for one day and the 2 day i had pinkish colored discharge...........can it be the implanatation bleeding.............if yes, then when can i go for pregency test...........
hi ive had implantion bleeding for 2 weeks so far and 4 days late on my period i took a pregancy test but it came out -neg. can someone help me when should i take my nxt one? my last period was may 3 2010.

hi i missed my period 6th april and suddenly 9th april morning when i wake up i saw some brown spotting and then its change light pink or light red colour with sticky discharge i don't no its my period or implantation bleeding but its not heavy like my all periods and one thing is special that my periods are always regular and few day before i feel tired all day,headache,backache,some vaginal discharge ,sore breast after i missed my periods i think may be i m pregnant and i m doing hpt but it was neg i thing that i m marride and trying for a baby last two years plz some one help me


Hello, I'm having something similar, but see here is the thing. I started my period in Feb. Full 7 day long heavy flow. 2 weeks later, which was the start of march, March 5th to be exact, I started what I thought was another period, but it was very light and spotty, nothing worth using a tampon over. I took 2 pregnancy tests, both came back negative, I waited till I was or what I thought was 2 weeks late, and I got a positive. I am trying to figure out if that was indeed implantation or not, it would help me to know how far alone I am.  

hello 2 weeks after my peroid i had really light bleeding on and off for 2 days and now i am 7 days late for my periond and i have done a home prenacy test and it come back neg when would the best time to do another one please help thanks :)
hello i had 2 days of really light bleeding on and off and now i am 7 days late for my period and i have done a home pregnacy test come back neg when would the best time to do the next one thanks :) 

 I have taken this off of my website, I hope that this information is helpful. If you are still wondering if you are pregnant then please make an appointment with your OB for an exam!

Good Luck!

Sharon LaMothe

What is Implantation Bleeding?

If you are trying to get pregnant, you may hear about implantation bleeding. The term implantation bleeding implies that you would see the amount of blood that you typically see with your period, but this generally isn't the case when you are experiencing implantation. Implantation bleeding occurs when an egg has been fertilized and implants into the lining of the uterus. Because the lining uterus is made up of blood, there can be a bit of blood expelled in some women.

Implantation will appear before you expect your period and many people mistaken it for spotting before their period begins. As mentioned before, most women do not experience a full on bleeding with implantation. Instead, they may experience a bit of spotting in their panties or even some pinkish or brown discharge. This usually is usually not a flowing type of blood, so if that is what you are experiencing it might be better to assume that you have your period. If you happen to get a positive pregnancy test and you are experiencing a flow of blood you might want to get in touch with your doctor to ensure that all is well.

Because there is typically so little and it is before you would expect your period it would be normal to think you are just getting ready to start your period. But, if you are attempting to get pregnant and you know that you ovulated and you had sex around that time it might be a good indication that you are in fact pregnant. Of course, you can't confirm pregnancy with the presence of a bit of blood, but it may be a very good indication that you'll get a positive pregnancy test in the very near future.

It's important to remember that you will usually experience implantation a week or more before you would expect your period, depending on when you ovulate. Also, if you don't happen to see any spotting around this time you shouldn't assume that you aren't pregnant. While a big deal is made about implantation bleeding in a lot of books and all over the Internet, there are actually very few women that actually report experiencing the phenomenon. This could be because most of us assume that we are just spotting before our period starts or it could just be so little blood that it goes unnoticed.

Implantation bleeding is something that many women assume that they will experience, but generally doctors believe that it is the exception not the rule. Knowing this, you probably shouldn't watch for implantation bleeding. Because you know that it does happen every so often you also do not need to be alarmed if you do experience it!

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