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Can implantation bleeding occur 3 days after a missed period?

Posted by TTC baby #1

My period was due on Oct 21st and on Oct 24th around 3pm I went to the bathroom and when i wiped there was dark brownish red blood (sorry if too much info). For the next day and a half i had light bleeding that was mostly brown, with some pinkish red. I have never had a late period my cycle is always 28 days and lasts about 4 days. Im not sure if it is implantation bleeding because i have read that it usually happens before your missed period, but i also heard if you ovulated later then implantation bleeding could occur later. I took a hpt the day I started bleeding and it was negative. I was wondering if I should take another test and if so when? I am confused, I dont know if this was my period or something else? Has anyone experienced light bleeding a few days after a missed period? Please let me know what you think... Help me! Thank you!
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