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can implantation bleeding last a week or does it only last for 3 days

Posted by *star*

my periods are always regular (always have been) and i know exactly when they come on, which is the beginning of the month every month from like the 1st to the 5th or maybe start on the 2nd or 3rd but never after bf and i had sex on Oct. 31/09 and my period came on the next day which was Nov. 1/09 my normal start day, it went off on Nov. 4/09 (lasted 5 days) and was of for two weeks and came on AGAIN Nov.26/09..i have never had two periods in one month started off light pink and got a little red the next day, then back light pink the third it only appears light pink when i wipe and this would be day 4 i was wondering if this could be implantation bleeding or maybe just a very light period??

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