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Can implantation bleeding be havier for some woman?

Posted by Lucia B.


I found out 2 days(8.feb) ago that I'm pregnant, also I started to have a brownish red discharge on4th.feb, with a mild pain like when having the it's like light-mild bleeding red colour still with mild occassional pain, but not as I normally have during period which should be due on 16th feb. So am I experiencing implantation bleeding, or early misscarriage/or period?

I went to doctor today, he just examined my abdomen, but told me to wait and see what happens. Also I'm suppose to go to France by car(5 hours)journey, so do you think this can support miscarriage when it's just implantation bleeding?

Please help me find the answer, we are already trying for a baby for 3&1/2years so I just don't want to panick for no reason.



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