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can implanon harm a fetus if you become pregnant with it

Posted by briaunde

i have had implanon for a little over a year. i have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend. he came in me a few times and i think i may be pregnant. i have had abnormaly long periods sense i had implanon inserted and all of a sudden they stopped completely. the last time i had sex was in march and i did not have a period through all of april or may so far. i did have little spotting though. i have also had a constant fluttery feeling in my abdomen. i take minocyclene for acne and have read that minocyclene can cause implanon to not work. could i be pregnant?? and can implanon cause pregnancy tests to come up negative?
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If there is hCG in your system then certainly by now it would show up on home pregnancy tests (some of which can pick up a level of 5 hCG).

Since you have concerns I would suggest you make an appointment with your physican.  They would know your medical history and be able to address any issues that might be occuring as far as med interactions go

so did you ever find out if you were pregnant i have the same problem and have been frantically trying to find an answer and see many women posting many similar stories like your that match mine but i dont ever see if they were pregnant or not.  i was having a light but constant period ofter implanon then when i had sex again (still used withdrawl) all of a sudden it stopped. about a month and a half later i started this strange gross brown bleeding and it hasent stopped i worry i may be two months pregnant and am terrified ot get a test.  so how did yours turn out?
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