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can I save my ectopic baby?

Posted by marisha


I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2006, treated with two mathetraxate injections. I really wished that I could at least say goodbye to it, how much would I want to give it a name.

I had a beautiful little girl in 2008, and now I am 6 weeks pregnant with all the symptons of ectopic pregnancy, the ultrasound yesterday showed no pregnancy sac in the womb but hcg was higher that a week ago 780 to 100 (when I confirmed this pregnancy a week ago).

Don't think that I can handle the thought of killing my unborn baby to survive again. Has anyone ever tried to move the ectopic down to the womb for it to keep grow until full term? I was told that wasn't possible in 2006 when I had no clue what ectopic was all about and let the hospital decided on my and my ectopic baby's fate. 

Any suggestions?



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I have no idea if you can save an ectopic baby but I too had 2 ectopic pregnancies. I don't think it's possible. Contact a doctor trained in NaproTechnology immediately and ask him/her what can be done. For me, both were removed surgically leaving me with neither tube connected to the ovaries. Now we're waiting to hear if our IVF transfer will result in a pregnancy, which could still end up ectopic. Good luck to you.


Good luck to you, too. I read that there was an ectopic baby born in Australia 2008. I guess it depends on the location of the ectopic... Just hoping that somehow some one might be able to save my ectopic baby.....
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