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Can I preggo if I had intercourse 3 days Before my VERY irregular period?and my cycle usually lasts 5-7days?

Posted by LaShea

My period rarely comes and when it did in August it ONLY lasted 3 days.where the others last anywhere from 5-7 days....I had unprotected sex 3 days BEFORE I even knew my period was about to begin.Now lately I've had all kinds of mood swings,lethargy,stomach pains,vomitting,along with other issues.What can this be a sign of? and does it mean I am pregnant? Alothugh I took a home p.t and the results were negative I can't help but think somethings wrong.
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if you had a period then no you aren't pregnant.  It sounds as though you may have caught some sort of illness along with the normal flux of your cycling hormones.


FYI:  Your CYCLE is from the first day of full red flow to the beginning of full red flow however long that may be.  Generally speaking the bleed is considered to be referenced as "your period".

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