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Can I feel pregrent with PCOS, and endometriose, under active thyroid

Posted by Ewe

I have been trying to fell pregrent for 3 years, nothing happen. I was on diffrent type of medication, nothing helped me. My doctor checked my hormons, and I have lower progrestogen, and high male hormone. Is anything in this world to help it me to fell pregrent.
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If you get your PCOS, Endo and Thyroid functioning as they should then your chances of conception should be higher.

I would say have a serious sit-down with your physican and let them know that you really want to be pregnant.  PCOS is usually treated with metformin (I believe so), Endo can be removed surgically and hormones can be balanced by using other hormones. 

There is a bunch of information out there and being  a knowledgable paitient about your particular issues will only help you along the way. It will help you decide before hand how far you are willing to go for a pregnancy and child (Tests,surgery, hormone med, etc).  Drawing a line in the sand now will really help.

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