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can i be pregnant if i had postinor2 pills between 72 hours even though sperm was just outside my vagina

Posted by baby gurl

hi i was wondering if i could get pregnant if i just had sperm around my vagina, washed it out within 10 mins, drank 5 sipz of viniger between 24 hours, had the 1st "postinor2" tablet between 24 -72 hours and sweezed my tummy @ al times . Im a bit scared that i might be pregnant because my periods are'nt in the usual manner. i got sperm around me on the 25th of Aug and i was supposed to get my periods on the 12th of Sep. but i got my periods too early. i got it on the 2nd of Sep for just 2 days . and on the 19th of Sep i bleeded like bout 50 ml of blood. i've always been having regular periods which lasted for 5 days which was very perfect . and now since it all messed up i dont know what to do . please i need help urgently ! 
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