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Can I be fertile the day after my period ended?

Posted by saityshell

I had unproteced sex on the last day of my peiod, then the next day, I started to notice I was secreting a lot of cirvical mucus, which I know is assosiated with ovulating, but I didn't think I could ovuate that soon after my period. I just want to know how likely conception would be in this circumstance.
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It really does depend on your own particular cycle.

Simply secreting cervical mucus does not necessarily mean that it was fertile (there are differenct classifications: non-fertile would be cloudy, sticky or creamy in texture/appearance. Fertile would be watery or like egg whites and will stretch). The chances of being fertile on the last day (or the day after) is usually pretty slim- unless your bleed last more than seven days... 

In that kind of case... a woman could reasonable begin her cycle, bleed to approx CD7-8.  Cervical mucus would begin to progress toward being fertile CD9 and peak at CD 13-14 at which point ovulation would occur.  Having unprotected sex during the three days prior, day of, and day after ovulation is the target window for fertilization. 

Of course that is assuming a 28 day cycle: CD14 ovulation and 14 day luteal phase.

The chances for conception with sex the last day of bleeding would of course increase if your cycle is shorter (like 25 days or so) assuming you have a healthy luteal phase length (which would be 12-18 days). 

Your body needs to have the time to fully develop the egg and release which is what happens from cycle beginning to ov. 

It is also important to know/remember that your body can go through more than one fertile patch in any given cycle.

On the other hand, in fertile cervical mucus sperm can live up to five days.

So possibility is small for conception to occur, but it still is there.

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