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can i be an egg donor even if i am overweight?

Posted by georgiagirl30

I am interested in becoming an egg donor but I have heard most clinics have weight requirements. I am 5 ft 5 and weight 240 lbs. Would that disqualify me?
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It really depens on the clinic. Most places will not take someone who is over a certain BMI because of the complications that could occur, and the extra costs that could be associated with the procedures/quality of the egss being donated. If you have a place in mind, somewhere on their site should be some eligibility requirments, one of which usually talks about weight. If not, give them a call and ask what they expect from their donors. They'll tell you if they accept you or not. 

If you want to find your BMI, there are numerous caculators and charts out there. Just do a search from BMI calculator and make sure it is, or references a trusted source (like the cdc). Hope this helps! 

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