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can hcg levels be too low to be detected for first pregnancy??

Posted by jennerzz

okay...  theres a bit to kno,  but i stopped taking quasense bc (the one that makes yoiu have a period every 3 months) around the end of october after taking it only for 26 days (due to side effects) ne wayz, my boyfriend and i tend to go thru stages of using a condom n using the pull out method, about two and a half weeks ago we had sex, and before he pulled out i felt his "thing" like do something...  it was really weird, but i didnt think much of it even after i was a few days late becuz i thought the bc i had been on could have a side effect like delaying my next period.

i went to a pharmacist and asked if it was possible but was told that after a month of NOT taking it, and since i only took it for a month (ha, n not perfectly i might add)  that it shouldnt effect me.  so i got some pregnancy tests...  and without even thinking about the timing took two, wayy too early,  and obviously came out neg.

i tried 10 dayz after *possible conception date*...  neg.  thought it was too early but to make my mom happy i took one...

then i took another 15 dayz after PCD^^ ... still neg.

another today, 16 dayz after....  still neg.

i mean,  i know it could still be too early since the boxes even say to wait 14-19 days after intercourse but its been a good week (and almost half) since my period was supposed to come, and i have NEVER been late...

i guess i just want to kno if  hcg levels could be too low to be detected for a firt pregnancy...  because i know the levels vary greatly in all women.

it kinda has to go along with women who may have had negative test results but found out that they were indeed pregnant...

ne thing would help,  thank you so much!!


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well home pregnancy tests are alot more sensitive then they used to be... the general rule is that it detects to 30mL.... but I have seen where women have taken the early pregnancy testing strips at 8 DPO and get an accurate result.


Need to know in your case is if you even in your fertile window (three days before, day of and day after ovulation- this window of five days is the ONLY time you can get pregnant in any given cycle) when you had unprotected sex.  Not taking birth control as directed DOES mess with your body because you are increasing your hormone levels sporratically. 

FYI:  pull out method is a sham.. it is the worst form of "birth control" out there because pre-ejaculate does have sperm in it.  If you don't want to get pregnant then I would strongly suggest getting another form of birth control and using it consistantly.  

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