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Can having an abortion affect my fertility?

Posted by Be Well

Can having an abortion affect my fertility?
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An abortion is a very safe procedure, and problems, such as damage or infection of the womb, or cervix, are very rare. If you have a successful abortion with no complications, there should be no reason to worry about your chances of becoming pregnant in the future, although you may have a slightly increased risk of miscarriage or early birth.

There are two types of abortion, abortion by medication and abortion by surgery.

Abortion by medication

An abortion by medication is carried out by taking oral medication during your first trimester, which is between the first and ninth week of pregnancy. Research into this type of abortion shows that it doesn't affect your fertility and there is no increased risk of future miscarriage.

Abortion by surgery

During an abortion by surgery, the pregnancy is removed through the entrance to your womb using gentle suction. In rare cases, this can cause scarring of the womb, but this can be treated with a relatively simple operation to repair the scarring. In some rare cases, this kind of abortion can weaken the cervix. If this happens, you may need a small operation in which a small stitch is made in the neck of your cervix to help keep it narrow.

If your cervix is weakened, you may have an increased risk of future miscarriage due to 'cervical incompetence', which is when your cervix can't stay tightly closed during pregnancy. However, this is also very rare.

There is no evidence that having more than one abortion can affect your fertility, although you may have a slightly increased risk of future miscarriage.

If you're considering an abortion, it's vital that your doctor, consultant and midwife are aware of your full medical history, so that they can decide whether or not there are any factors that may affect your pregnancy. Make sure you tell them if you have previously had an abortion.

If you experience any pain or problems after having an abortion, seek medical advice immediately.

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