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can a very powerful impact to a steering wheel caused by another vehicle at 45mph cause membranes to rupture in the amniotic sa

Posted by hollig03

I was 16 weeks pregnant , involved in a viloent car accident .My stomach hit the steering wheel more than once after being hit from behind at approx 45mph . I was leaking fluid for approx 6 days ,but told by the doctors my baby had Bi-lateral renal agenisis ..and it was fatal . the day labor was induced there was no fluid in the womb ,I asked for an autopsy to be done because they also said it looked as though he had down syndrome came back negative for that and positive for bi lateral agenisis ,this was all done within the kaiser group . it never added up to me and I have done much investigation into this genetic defect /anomoly they gave my son . The autopsy showed a bladder present but only Kidney buds ,it also mentioned ruptured membranes . in all the reading I have done on the subject of renal agenisis it claims to be without kidneys and bladder . so my question is could in fact the impact to my steering wheel have caused ruptured membranes and the small leakage I had up until the day I gave birth and lost my son ?
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