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Can a tilted pelvis create fake, preterm labor symptoms? Or could I possible be going into preterm labor?

Posted by MaeGross

I am 34 weeks pregnant and my doctor still has not checked my pelvis' position. I was run over when I was 7 and have a reconstructed pelvis, which when it was reconstructed, was done with a bit of a tilt. it tilts toward my spine. I then had screws put in to make sure everything was held in place properly, and put in a body cast for about 8 months. So everything grew together just as they had been put. Now I am having awful pain in my pelvis, and i get horrible back pain, and am starting to notice more and more painful menstrual like cramps, that sometimes wake me up. They are becoming more frequent now and it worries me. I called my doctor, and the person who I talked to said to drink room temp water and lay on my lefy side, it it subsides then I'm fine. It did indeed subside so I assumed I was alright, but then I woke up AGAIN with this mestrual like cramp in my lower stomach. I have also been noticing along with the pain in my pelvic bone and cramping, a lot of pressure that feels like baby is pushing down a lot, and her movement is not as frequent these last two days. Is there any advice you can give me?
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