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Can a stomach virus interfere with a home pregnancy test?

Posted by tinline

I met this girl like a month ago and we hit it off that weekend and hung out again sat night and ended up having sex.weve been hanging out since then but didnt have sex again till last weekend.shes been hrowin up these last couple days but theres been a stomach bug goin around cuz i got it too.diarrhea and throwing up.but she said last week when she had her period it only lasted for like a day and a half.she took a couple home pregnancy tests today and the first one showed nothing and the second and third and fourth showed pregnant.we like each other and all,so theres no confusion there,we just so didnt want this to happen.i wass just wondering if this stomach bug going around could affect the home pregnancy tests or not.could u please reply and inform me if this could be true or really appreciate it.were getting an appt to see a doctor tomorrow,but i kinda just wanna keep on the ball and get an idea.thank u so much.
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