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can a pregnancy test be accurate 20 days after unprotected sex?

Posted by borishorti

Ok... so I had unprotected sex on the 30th of dec around 4 am...i was on Bc but i was also on antibotics from an infection, Well i called 4 pharmacist and they all told me it was a slim to non chanceof me being pregnate. Well 10 days after i started to spot brown... then red... then brown again.. with cramping and so far its lasted about 10 days, Ive taking hpt and they have all come back neg. Everyone says to take a hpt after you missed your period but i rarely ever have my period since im on a nuvaring and keep it in, ive had bleeding like this before on the nuvaring ,and im not having really any signs of pregnancy, i mean its hard to say since i get headaches and get tired often due to extreme stress ive been under, so would i get an accurate result 20 days after the unprotected sex?
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