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Camping with Dinos

Posted Jun 17 2009 7:24pm 3 Comments

Camping was a success! I know I am just as shocked. I was preparing myself for countless meltdowns, sunburns and tears, but it all went so smoothly it became more of a vacation for myself!

We went to Drumheller to camp. I LOVE Canada, and I love the province I live in, Alberta. We are so lucky in Alberta to have beautiful prairies, the Rocky Mountains and Drumheller. It is such a unique terrain, here let me show you:

Ivys 8th week 032

Can you see the lines around the mountainy things? So neat.

Ivys 8th week 039  

The thing Drumheller is most known for is the Dinosaurs! I am not sure why though, I think cause they found lots of dinosaur bones in the area. Anyways, such a cool place, I will take you there if you come to visit me and Ivy!!!

Speaking of Ivy, I bet you are itching to see pics of her, not all this lame landscape crap! OK OK  here she is!

Ivys 8th week 010  

I tried to keep a hat on her the whole time, she was having none of that! But freak she is soo cute in sun hats!

Ivys 8th week 023  

The amazing camper van in which we slept! You can see Ivy's little face in her bassinet over there. I was sooo worried about camping for one reason. Ivy has been sleeping 10-4 every night, I was paranoid camping would disrupt this beautiful habit! So I brought her magic blanket and noise machine to make her FEEL like she was at home! It worked! 9-3 or 10-4 each night! soooo awesome.

Ivys 8th week 025  

Cocooned in her magic blanky waking up to the sounds of sweet little birdies!

Ivys 8th week 026  

Ivy in her yellow polka dot bikini! I took her in the river, which was warm, but she did NOT have a good time in there! Ha ha, my aunt has some pics of me and her in the water I will be sure to get from her!

Ivys 8th week 028  

So cute I know! Keith and I were at Walmart looking for a replacement soother (obviously not found!) when I spotted this! It is a baby tent that is UV protected and keeps the bugs away! It was $20! Wicked! I just put her bassinet mattress inside and she would lie peacefully in there for hours.

Ivys 8th week 035  

Grandpa and baby!

Ivys 8th week 038  

Shes all mine! Ahh I am so in love.

Ivys 8th week 042  

Ivy and her first trip to the bar. No jokes. There is a little place near by called Wayne, there is a bar there, only a bar in this town of 27 people. This bar is famous, as bikers (motorcycles) from all over drive to come here. You have to go over 11 bridges to get to this bar and bikers seem to like that or something. So we went, on Sundays kids are allowed in! Perfect. Ivy loves the bar already! haha

Ivys 8th week 003  

She is smiling lots now! Hard to capture on film, but this is close!

It was a great 4 days of camping. We had awesome food, awesome family around, awesome drinks and awesome weather! Sooo hot out every day. We managed to keep the baby from burning and I can't wait for our next camping adventure (but soo with the van, so awesome. A tent would not have been as cool!)

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Near Wayne AB, in Bleriot Ferry! Gorgeous spot, went again this past year too!
I have a one year old and we want to go camping in Drumheller but we are not sure where to camp - seen your pictures and looks like a good spot- which specific number was it? Do you know of any other spots? Do you have a map of the campground?
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