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Calling all TTC Blogoshere Advice Givers...

Posted Jun 09 2009 11:37pm
Wow, how time flies. Roughly 3 more days until my appointment with Dr. P. I am so excited to be moving in the right direction! It is really nice to have this appointment to look forward to instead of cycle dread. You know, the anticipation of O signs and trying to predict when the "magic" time to bed up with with the hubby will be! I am already on CD 5 - YAY!!! I mean the whole anticipation thing is still there but just on the backburner for right now.

So here is where I need all of your expertise, whether it is personal experiences or maybe you know someone who has gone on THE APPOINTMENT. I will be compiling a list of questions - I know I don't have that much time in my annual OB/ GYNappt, but I want to make sure I don't clam up and not ask the most important questions. So if anyone has any suggestions about what I need to bring up with Dr. P PLEASE give a girl some advice!

Obviously I want to know what the plan will be over the next few months regarding the hormonal testing and HSG he mentioned last week. Is there anything else I should bring up? Should J come with me - I mean it's my annual appt, but with everything in the past it is not his first rodeo seeing me in the stirrups? The reason I may want J there is sometimes I don't hear all of what the doctor says. I stay focused on something he says and then before I know it, he has moved on and I miss the beginning of the next topic. I think J will want to be a part of this, but how weird is it? I know I shouldn't care, and I guess I really don't. My thoughts on this whole process, is that I am not here to make buddy, buddy with the nurse or the doctor. I don't care if they think I am crazy, overbearing, or ask too many questions. I mean I am the one who is trying to get pregnant and the only one it will truly affect if I don't make sure the doctor has all the information as well as myself.

So, I appreciate all thoughts, advice, and suggestions!
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