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Calling all those who had blastocyst transfers

Posted May 26 2008 12:00am


Since i posted below now its gone, nothing but clean wipes, LOL! I will follow you're advice Hope2morrow and stop worrying or reading into this stuff. God Willing its all good. I know you all may think I'm nuts, I am, but just want this too badly...I have to chill, I will try.

So much for me trying NOT to think too much.

Ok, today is 7 days after i had two (2) blastocysts transfered.

It is day 13 for these blastocysts.

It is cycle day 31 for me.

I need some opinions, and yes I will take these as personal, not medical opinions I know, don't worry.


I am trying not to be too graphic, but I want to see if any of you have experienced any of this.

Here goes...

I have some light red color when I wipe, nothing coming out if you will, but when i wipe, i see some very faint light red in streaks like. Its day 7 after transfer remember, could this be a good sign?

Three days ago, for three days until yesterday I had mucous like discharge with a VERY LIGHT color. It was thick, not much, small amounts.

So should i panic, no I know i shouldn't.

I haven't called the doctor yet, trying to be patient. But wanted to put it out there to see if ANYONE ever had this after a blasto transfer.

Again I KNOW all cases are different, but so many of you are so knowlegeable and have went through the same things many times before, so i thought I'd see if anyone replies.

I know I may kick myself for posting this, but I just had to.

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