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Busy Weekend ... and a sick kiddo

Posted Apr 17 2011 12:00am

Another busy weekend. Yesterday morning, I got up early to go teach a cycle class at the Y. Came home to shower, change and pack up my stuff for the day, and was back at the Y by 10:30 for the Cycle for Y Partners Fundraiser Bjorn and I were riding in. I spent so much of my time spinning but never have any pictures of it that I thought I'd post a couple from yesterday (even though they aren't great)

Our team from church. I'm the only one in blue :)
From the Y, I went straight to church where I spent the rest of the day being trained as a wedding coordinator - which will be my 2nd (very) part-time job starting this summer.
When I got home just before 6pm, I found Bjorn in the bathroom and both of the girls in the tub, which confused me a little since they usually eat dinner at that tome AND it wasn't even their bath night. But Bjorn informed that Amaya had choked on her medication and vomited all over herself, and ended up with vomit all over her head and hair, too. (How - I do not know!). She's started with a bit of a cough that morning, which turned into a full-on hacking cough by dinner time (hence the vomiting) and before bed, I realized that she was spiking a fever also. We had a bit of a rough night, and the poor thing hasn't been feeling well today either. So the girls and I skipped church and mostly hung out at home, although I did take them on a quick errand to Target quick - because after 5 hours of sleep and with 2 cranky toddlers, we all needed to get out of the house! With the beginning of Holy Week, Bjorn is super busy at work, so the three of us spent the rest of the day reading books on the couch and me holding Amaya in the rocking chair while singing her our favorite songs, which she now tries to sing along to - and which is just absolutely adorable! I was really looking forward to taking a nice long nap during the girls nap time, but was woken after just 15 minutes by an inconsolable Liana, who is probably starting to come down with the same thing...
Unfortunately, the viral infection/nasty cold has been setting off a major relapse into vomiting for Amaya, and she has literally had a big vomiting episode during every single meal since last night :( - and it is NOT because her tummy is upset, but simply because her coughing fits set off her hyper-sensitive gag reflex, and once that gets going, she doesn't stop until she's emptied her entire tummy onto her high-chair tray :( I'm really bummed by that, of course, since she's been doing so well for so long, but at the same I'm not really surprised or alarmed by it either. Even kids without feeding or other GI issues can be prone to vomiting during colds, and for the girls it is an absolutely common occurrence. The bigger test will be to see how quickly the vomiting stops after her cold symptoms have subsided, since in the past it has lasted for weeks even after she was well again. But hopefully it won't be this bad....
In the mean time, however, I could certainly think of better things to do than wash several loads of pukey laundry again every day! She's staying hydrated, is keeping some food down, and today her temp has stayed between 101-102F even without any Tylenol or Motrin, so I'm hoping this won't turn into anything major. And I'm just grateful it's happening this weekend and not next, when we're just about ready to board a plane to Germany!
The poor baby was so tired after a restless night that she kept finding places to lay down this morning and "rest." She'd just lay there with her eyes open, not moving or doing anything. What a little patient!

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