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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Posted Jun 30 2009 5:54pm
"Busy, Busy, Busy," that is my new mantra.

This may sound absurd to some of the people that know me, but I came to the realization yesterday that I am a busy person. I wield a diaper and dishrag the same way corporate executives wield Blackberries and power suits. In fact, I may have less idle time than they do!

I didn't find myself frustrated after this realization, I felt proud for being able to keep it together and run things efficiently, and I gave myself a pat on the back.

I have always been limited on idle time, and I used to blame this on my husband. I've slowly realized it's not his fault, although granted if he did help out more it would leave me a little more idle time (and he has started helping out more which I am immensely grateful for), but I would still be short on idle time if he did help with the dishes, laundry, or cleaning toilets.

Unlike most corporate executives out there, I have a higher than average intelligence, and I know I will be able to win this rat race with my brains rather than "muscle". In fact, after my post about realizing I'm operating on a time deficit, my brain started to think of ways to arrange my evenings so I can have some downtime. I say "my brain" because I wasn't actively trying to find a solution, but it was kinda processing the problem in the background, and a solution presented itself.

I've already simplified things a lot prior to this realization, but I can also rearrange things so that I have enough sleep time on any given evening. But I've noticed that once I sit down at the computer (and work on stuff like this blog which incidentally will probably decrease to just one post a week after this), I loose track of time. I usually sit down to take a break, but that also means there are things left undone. Once I realize the late time, I start procrastinating because I don't want to do the work items and it starts getting really late, hence I've squandered some of my hard earned sleep time. So I've decided that I'm going to make the most out of this iPhone my husband talked me into getting. If an item on the computer can't be done on my iPhone or when the daycare kids are napping, it won't get done until the weekend. Also, if it's not important to me or someone I care about, it won't get done either, AND those things have to be prioritized accordingly. I have to treat my time like it's a valuable commodity and stop wasting it on things that don't add value to my life or the people in it.
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