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Brown spotting, no period for 7 weeks, negative home tests?

Posted by Citrii

I have very irregular periods, so unfortunately I don't have a record of when they start or stop. It's stupid, I know, but they never helped me, so I never kept up with them.

In late December or early January, I thought I was getting my period because I had brown blood, but I only ended up having that one spot, that one night. After that I started worrying about being pregnant. So, over three weeks I took three pregnancy tests, all negative. I had an appointment today to get a blood test done, but this morning I got my period! But I actually didn't. I just had another brown spot, and there's nothing coming out anymore. 

 There is a possibility that the brown blood was just disloged last night, in which case I am still late for a period.

What are the chances that I'm pregnant? 

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