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Brown spotting instead of period. could I be pregnant?

Posted by stayler

ttc for almost a year and half. I have regular periods every 28 days. On day 28 this month instead of my period I have had 2 days of light brown spotting, no blood at all. Pregnancy test negative on day 29. Anyone else have this happen? Could I be pregnant?
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I am assuming that you are charting,using some sort of ovulation detection method (Cervical position, cervical fluid, predictor kit, monitor, ferning, watch etc) and know how long your luteal phase normally lasts.

So based on that I'd say that the test is pretty accurate.  What day are you on now?

thanks for your answer. I have been checking ovulation etc, and I did start the spotting right when I would have started my period. I did test again today which would be 31 and it was negative. I am pretty convinced I am not pregnant but just found it so odd that there was no blood at all. I have never had that before. Thanks again for your help.
I forgot to mention that during the 2 days of spotting I noticed flakes in the toilet bowl. I haven't spotted for 2 days now but still see the flakes? is it possible that I ovulated late and the spotting was implantation? but what are the flakes from? I am just so confused. I guess all I can do is wait and test next week.
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