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brown discharge /pinkish spotting 6 days into pill packet. Had sex after 2 days with no condom. Pregnant?

Posted by Olwyn

I Have jus started yasmin pill. I was using Mirena coil before but had it removed. Had period thurs evening 30 July, started on pill friday morning. Used condoms for first couple of days but hav since stopped! Started having bits of brown discharge and pinkish spotting. Is this normal or could i b pregnant?
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I don't know about what your discharge could be but I do know that it is wise to use a back up method of conception for at least the first month when switching.

So is it possible, yes I think it could be or the discharge could be some minor break through bleeding (as that it appears to be common when switching between methods)

ermm, for the past 2 days ive had 'old blood', it smells a bit nasty, i can see that it is old blood, i had my period a week ago. it was a bit strange, not a normal period for me, i was very heavy and it lasted 3 days, the 4th i was completely clean, but the day after a few drips. and now this! ive been having a lot of sex lately. but im quite sure im infertile, because ive been sexual active for 5 years, with 18 different people, most of which i havent used a condom. i have no sti's or anything, i have a regular check up every 2 months. so what could be causing this? could i actually be pregnant? or is there something else going on down there? im 18.
i had sex on feb 14 n we had sex witout an today i have a discharge that is brown What could that mean?
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