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Brown discharge, missed period

Posted by mishy

Hi Ladies,

Looking for some help here. I get my period every 25 days dead on. It lasts 5 days. I am over by a week today. Sore breasts and cramping. I took a preg test yesterday morning and it came back negative. I have noticed a brown stringy discharge yesterday and today. My hubby and me use condoms.  Does it sound like I'm in for baby #3?

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What do you mean by "stringy"?  was it an eggwhite kind of stringy (you know when you can stretch it thin?)

Do you know when you ovulated?

Did anything stressful or a situtation that was high stress happen over a course of days at the beginning of your cycle?

I am having the same thing right now and am wondering myself if i am to be getting ready for baby #3.... The more and more i think about it, i know i am pregnant... Wishing you all the best!
i am two months late and i have had a few pains this past week like everyday nothing major that i cant handle but its uncomfortable and it dont feel like period pains. i went to the bathroom and wiped off and i had a brown slightly red discharge but only that one time i wiped... please someone give me answers
Help Im on Wight Watchers and have lost 1st 10lbs in 2monts. My period is always on time but last month and this month it really hasnt come at all - just a bit of spotting for about 2 days both monts. As I say its always so regular - have done 2 tests and both negative. Any suggestions on what I should do?
please i need help brown discharge stringy i guess u would say. i just finished my period like 3 2 4 days ago. but me and my boyfriend had sex like 2 days ago and this started the next day after we had sex. a little itching. atfirst it was a little blood, but then now its brown, almost black. no smell at all.
please answer i really need help :/
brown is indicative of old blood and doesn't usually pose a health risk (especially with no burning or smell associated).  It could be left over from your bleeds or your partner may is irritated your vaginal canal / cervix during your session
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