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brown discharge, bloating, sore breast, age36 any ideas?

Posted by me

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Where are you in your cycle?


im having same problem im 26.brown discharge for a day,and period not due til the 3rd.bloated,cramps,and lower back pain. implantation bleeding?
I'm having the same thing. I thought implantation last month when this happened but got my period and am now having it again this month. Seems to happen around my ovulation window. ?????
Also - I have been lightheaded and dizzy. Last month I was convinced I was pregnant b/c I also had occasional nausea and similar feelings to my first pregnancy. My cramps lasted (on and off) about a week and a half. The brown discharge only lasted a day. About a week after the discharge I got really bad headaches (one of which was a severe migraine). I too have the lower back pain. 
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