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Brown Blood For Four Days - Should have normal Period

Posted by lr85

I am 24 and have a 7 year old. I was supposed to start my period on the 15th, instead I have been spotting brown blood for four days. Its not enough for a tampon but enough to be bothersome. I have not been on BC in over 6 months. I have had unprotected sex on April 24th and 26th. Could I be pregnant? I haven't had any symptoms of getting my period or being pregnant. Help!
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FYI: Brown blood means that it is "old" blood so it isn't you shedding your uterine lining.

As far as if you are pregnant or not- Since you did not say when your cycle started I can't give you an educated guess even. Also, do you happen to know when you ovulate- that would help out a lot as far as guessimating goes. 


And you can always take a HPT to check


I got my last period on January 8. For the last four days I have had brown spotting and a few clots. Could I be pregnant? I am use to always having a very heavy period. I have PCOS, and the doctors told me it would be very hard to conceive.
Please if anyone could give me some answers, that would be great. I don't want to get my hopes up if brown blood is normal and its not a baby.
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