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brown blood and itchyness what is it?

Posted by kat

i thought i was on my period but strangley ive not been in any pain on this perid and the blood has not been red its been brown. ive also been experiencing tigles and itchyness down there. i normally am in extream bad pain when im on my peirod, what is it? im worried?
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Any sort of bleeding or spotting that isn't associated with your regular menstrual period needs to be shared with your OBGYN.  It could be a myriad of things.  If you are on birth control pills it could be known as break through bleeding.  If you have had unprotected sex during the time you ovulate it could be known as implantation bleeding (where the embryo implants into the wall of the uterus and then the spotting that occurs is brown)  The fact you are itching and you are feeling tingly down in your vaginal area would clue me in that "something" out of the ordinary perhaps is happening and again your best course would be to call your doctor first thing in the morning -- that way you don't have to wait the entire weekend and worry:)

Take care - Marna Gatlin, PVED,

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