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Brown bleeding now turned to active red bleeding with mild cramping...

Posted by veryworried

I very recently found out I was pregnant for my first time.  Two days after I found out I began having pains and brown bleeding.  I hoped for the best and tried to keep myself positive, but now after a week of the brown bleeding I've started cramping (like menstrual cramps) and now bleeding active red.  Is there ANY hope that I didn't have a miscarriage?  I'll be going tomorrow to find out for sure, but I need reassurance or hope....
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you can hope that it was pregnancy related bleeding.


However, realistically you should prepare yourself in case of bad news.  I normally wouldn't come straight out and say that but with the cramping that is accompanied with the full red bleeding I feel that you should use the day to prepare yourself as much as you can-- like I said before- just in case.


I sincerely hope that all I wrote is for naught and it really is just related to your continued pregnancy.

I'll think of you tomorrow 

Thank you for your insight, but I think it's almost inevitable.  I've prayed and prayed and it could very likely just not be my time.  I do have PCOS and this pregnancy was something I was REALLY praying for and it seems to be dissipating before my eyes...rendering me helpless and full of emotion....I'm still holding out hope, but it's fading fast as each day passes. 
Hey!  How'd it go today?
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