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Breastfeeding Tips

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:59pm
I would like to share these breastfeeding tips I have read in my baby book, which was given by his pediatrician. The baby book was brought to us by GSK: GlaxoSmithKline, leading the way in vaccines.

1. With a clean washcloth or cotton swabs, wipe your breasts clean before your baby feeds.
2. Sit comfortably in an upright position. A pillow can help bring your baby to the proper level. Raise one knee to help support his body.
3. Support your baby’s head and bring him close to your breast.
4. Stroke the baby’s cheek nearest you; your baby will turn to you and search for your nipple to find food. This is called the “rooting reflex”.
5. Guide your nipple towards his mouth. Baby chin should be against the breast and his tongue underneath your nipple. As he sucks, let your baby touch and stroke your breast. Make sure that he is sucking on the whole areola (darkened area of the breast), not just the nipple. If he sucks on the nipple, you will get sore and he won’t get the milk. Your baby will begin sucking vigorously and find his own pace.
6. When his sucking subsides, switch him to other breast until he stops feeding.
7. Next time he feeds, start from the breast he nursed from last and repeat the same procedure. This way, he will receive equal amounts of milk from each breast and you will avoid the sensation of overfullness in either of your breasts.
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