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Breast Tenderness After Period and also cramping down the belly button

Posted by nxirenexo

my breast hurt alot but there not hard and since i  have large breasts i do not know if there swollen. I have pain like cramping down there and sometimes pain on my back.
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and your question is?


if it is about pregnancy then if you had your period then no... you aren't pregnant.

I just don't understand why people/doctors keep saying that if you are having a period or can't be pregnant when in actuality you can.  By doctors telling a patient that hog wash she misses out on vital doctors appointments that are needed to keep her unborn child healthy.  The best thing to do is to just take a pregnancy test which will rule everything out because I am going through the same thing where i am having symptoms of pregnancy and there is a show called "I didn't know I was pregnant" so it can be true. 

im having the same problem, i started my 1st normal period and had unprotectd sex then 5 to 7 days after my period was over i started bleeding again but was brighter then normal then about 5 -7 days after the 2nd like period i been having cramps and lower back pain also very tender nipples that look kinda red to me . my bf thinks i am  pregnant but i assures him that im not because it could be other problems but i cant seem to find any good answers to assure anything ! i would love to be pregnant i am so ready for it . i changed my eating habbits quit smoking stoped drinking and started working out i am 23 and hoping this time i will find out i that i will be a mommy !

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