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Breast Pump Issues

Posted Jun 13 2009 10:46pm

I have an electric pump now.  My sister got it froma friend of hers.  It’s a heavey duty Medela Pump Style pump.  It’s the kind that comes in it’s own carrying case that looks like a briefcase. I was very impressed when I first got it.  However, I have had very little luck with it.  This is not unusual. A lot of women have problems with electric pumps.  I am taking my oldest on a field trip next week and need to leave my son for the longest I have every left him.  I can not rely on my electric pump to express enough milk for the entire day so I ordered the old manual pump I used to have.  It’s by Avent and the thing that i think that makes it more productive then any other pump I have used is it’s cushion like top.  It has this rubbery part with different raised bumps that is designed to be more like what happens when a  baby nurses.  They do have electric pumps with the same tops (by Avent) but I am cheap so I will stick with the manual.  Besides, I am not working so I do not need it everyday.  However, I am hoping that when my new pump comes I will be able to pump some milk to put in with my son’s cereal. I am using water right now but his weight is low so I’d rather use breast milk.

Anyway, if you are looking to buy a pump, see if you can try out friends or family members pumops first to see which is best for you.  Good luck!

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