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Breast Milk Cures A Man’s Cancer…What’s Next?

Posted Nov 06 2008 9:44pm

There is a man is Massachusetts who says that drinking breast milk cured his prostate cancer.  Read the article:

Some people now worry that the milk they are donating will end up going to adults with cancer instead of babies. I am having mixed feeling about this. On one hand, yes the milk we donate should go to babies if that’s what we believed it would be going for.

On the other hand, this might be exactly what the breast feeding community needs.  If more and more proof comes about regarding breast feeding’s benefits for adults, then maybe the government will step in.  Now, I also think the government stepping in is not always the best thing; however in this case it might work.  If more people are encouraged to breast feed and more people are encouraged to donate breast milk, think about what that could mean.  Perhaps the government will step up and give breast feeding moms more. Maybe the government will force workplaces to give moms paid breaks to pump, pumping rooms, etc.  Maybe the government will also give us something back. Perhaps a tax break? Maybe the government would even wake up and help with health care. Heck, if the powers that be could finally see what good breast feeding is doing and that our babies don’t need as much health care, maybe they’d give us a little something back.

Also, maybe it’s not right of me but I personally would not mind getting a little something back for donating milk. Money can be tight and pumping is taking your time.  I’m not saying that donating for nothing is bad at all, it makes you feel good, etc.  It’s just that you can “donate” blood plasma for $20 a time.  I wouldn’t mind $20 a month for lets say 10 ounces of milk.

Finally, I obviously believe breast milk is best for babies. However, who are we to say that adults can’t get teh benefits only found in breast milk if they need it? These adults are someone’s kids, someone’s parents, etc.  Who are we to decide who should get the benefits and who shouldn’t?

I think that seperate banks should be established. Or you have to clearly mark who you want your milk to go to, babies or adults.  After that, i think we should try to help everyone. Help the babies, help the adults and help the people donating.

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