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Boys! Oh my goodness, boys are s...

Posted Sep 12 2008 10:21am

Boys! Oh my goodness, boys are so different from girls. And as the mother of two girls I feel well qualified in my observations :)

Over the last three days Jack, who'll be two on Sunday, has been driving me insane with some newly acquired tricks.

It all began shortly after dinner one evening. It was a rather unhealthy dinner of chips (although, in my defence, they were oven cooked as opposed to fried!), steamed chicken (not bad at all!) and baked beans (debateable!).

As usual, the children left a veritable mountain of food behind and I made the mistake of not clearing the table instantly, instead running upstairs to answer a lost ringing telephone! Within moments Stan (Hubby) came racing up to me to tell me Jack had had a great idea - he'd stuck a baked bean up each nostril. Now whereas one of them was only just inside his nose and easily removed, the other was well and truly wedged up there...

Thankfully, I had just last week taught Jack how to blow his nose and he managed to blow his bean out... LOL

The girls never did that.

A couple of days ago we were all up bright and early to leave Stan to work - we've just started a new business venture and he's currently on a training course (more about this in a future post!). Just at the point of leaving the house both Stan and I realised we needed to gather a few bits and pieces and were both upstairs (hmm, do I see a pattern emerging?) for a couple of moments. Finding what I'd gone for, I came back down to discover the front door lying wide open and Jack missing! Shrieking his name, I raced outside... to find him waiting for us (with a great big grin on his chubby little face) by the car!

To open the door he had had to turn the key...

The girls never did that.

Just last night my parents sent Stan and me a couple of bottles of wine and some chocolates for our wedding anniversary (our 9th!) and Jack, as always, got to the "schweeties" before anyone else. Now Jack loves "schweeties" and could quite easily chomp his way through the lot - so I decided I'd better put them out of reach. But Jack had other thoughts as he eyed them from below!

I watched in amazement as he squeezed behind our huge and very heavy sofa; with all the might he could muster he pushed the sofa across the room to try to reach the tempting box of goodies! (Might his regular doses of Super (Mama) Milk have helped the development of this super baby power I wonder? :))

The girls never did that.

Disappointingly for him, he didn't actually succeed in getting them as they were still just out of reach for him!

Finally, just before bedtime, I poured the children each their nightly bowl of cereal. As the girls polished theirs off, Jack began messing with his. So, I decided to take his spoon and feed him myself. To show his disdain, he decided it would be great fun to blow raspberries at me with a mouth full of Rice Krispies. I was absolutely showered in the things!

The girls never did that.

Jack, of course thought it was hilarious, the girls' almost collapsed off their chairs with giggles and I could do little else but cover my face as I too dissolved into fits of laughter. (I didn't want to encourage him any further by letting him see me laugh and had to pretend to be very cross when I'd recovered my composure!)

The sweets are now in a very safe place, the door key is now in a very safe place, the beans will be binned in a very safe place next time and in future I'll keep myself a very safe distance from the Rice Krispies...

Now I just have to watch and wait for his next show of divilment!!

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