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Bo’s First Day of Preschool

Posted Jan 04 2011 3:59am

Bo First Day Preschool 2

Bo First Day Preschool

Bo’s first day of preschool was on Monday. He’s attending the local Catholic school’s preschool program on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon.

I’ll admit, Bo did better with the entire situation than I did. I was awake a great deal of the night before worried about potty accidents, snack-time, and other aspects of preschool life. And when I did sleep, my dreams were nightmares about the logistics of getting Bo to school on time and waking the girls from their nap in order to pick him up.

I had all of his supplies purchased before Christmas and his new Thomas backpack was ready to go.  We packed his snack together that morning (chocolate chip Annie’s bunnies) and he

was very excited.  He went in and remembered the trains from when we visited in the fall. He did really well with the drop-off transition.  I was much more nervous and became the parent I always swore I wouldn’t be with too many questions for the teacher. :) Hopefully it was only a temporary lapse into crazy-parent mode.

I woke the girls up from their nap and they weren’t too pleased to be rising only to put their coat and shoes on moments later.  Definitely a negative of the afternoon preschool is having to wake the girls in order to pick-up Bo.  I had difficulty finding parking, but still managed to pop-in the door on time.  Bo was sitting on the ledge of his cubby with his coat all zipped up and a paper 2011 crown on his head.  His face lit up when he saw me and he gave me a hug. I asked how his day was and he said, “It was good.”

I asked his teacher how he did and he did have an potty accident during free play, but other than that did really well.  She said he joined in with everything and seemed fine.

When I asked him about school he really wasn’t much for giving me too many details.  I know he ate his snack, spilled some milk, colored, played with trains, and was quite concerned with leaving one of his friend’s (he knows the little boy from Mary’s) since his mom wasn’t there to pick him up when we left.  He seemed to have fun and wants to go back on Wednesday, so it seems like as good of a start as any.   He was pretty tired yesterday evening and crashed early.

It’s hard to believe my little guy is in preschool!

Bo home from first day of preschool

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