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blood test neg, but i think it might be wrong!

Posted by ash_shell

i havent had a period since the end of december. at the end of january i took a home test that came out neg. starting early feb, i had very light discharge, some times red some times brown, which lasted about 2 weeks. i have gained inches around my waist, but no weight difference on the scale, well maybe 3-5lbs but thats normal for me to fluctuate. took another test mid feb, once again neg, i have also been very tired all the time, also have frequent urination. 10-12 times per day. finally got a doctors appointment at the end of febuary. took a blood test that was also neg. so i stopped worrying. well now for the past week my breasts have been very tender and are growing. i have also noticed that my waist is getting larger. i have been pretty moody also.


please give me your input! im so confused!

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