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Blogging at 36,000 Feet

Posted May 21 2012 7:34am
Well I am on my way back to Boston to spend the day with my Mom. She is really going downhill fast and I really hope that she is awake enough to know that I am there with her. It is funny to think that back when I was born that a woman over than 35 years old was considered high-risk just because of her age. We are not talking about the risk of genetic issues...simply being pregnant at 35 was considered problematic! Now I consider a 35 year old to be pretty darn young considering my average patient is 38.5 years old.

My Mother conceived me when she was 40 years old. My Dad diagnosed her as being in menopause. That's what happens when General Surgeons provide RE opinions. She was a lot older than the most of my peers' mothers and yet I never felt that she was somehow less involved or moving slower. She was always there for me during those summers on Cape Cod and she frequently planned excursions to Mystic Seaport or the Boston Museum of Science and even a trip to Washington DC with a two of my classmates and their Moms.

Yet to even have any children was a miracle for her. She had a bicornuate uterus with a rudimentary horn. She and my Dad were told that it was hopeless and they needed to adopt. Clearly I am evidence to the are my 2 older brothers!

Well, here's to mothers everywhere. We are heading down into Boston Logan. Wish me well...

Addendum 5/22/12: Back now in DC and I spent all day Monday with my Mom. She had moments of lucidity and at other times she had what my sister-in-law calls the "100 mile stare." Still she knew who I was and enjoyed watching the photos and videos that I streamed from my iPhone to her TV. We will just take it day by day. I appreciate all the support shown by my staff and by my patients. My mother has been one of my biggest supporters over the years and when she stopped reading this blog it was a sad day for me. The natural order of life is for children to go on after their parents but that doesn't make it any easier. I am too open from an emotional standpoint to practice in a field of medicine where end of life issues are common....I am glad that I am blessed to practice in the field of Reproductive Medicine.
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