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Blog question

Posted Aug 13 2011 12:46am
I haven't had a formal blog question in quite some time. I really enjoy them. A week or so ago, I received the following question:

Hi Wendi,

May I ask you two questions?

How do you organize your day to handle all the works and run all erands? I mean having 3 kids and being a truly nice and successful mother how do you strike balance among differenct spheres of your life?

Can Issac speak Turkish or German or any other languages? Do you have any plan for Isaac learning foreign languages?

I really adore your way of being a mother and it raises some questions just for learing and knowing. Thank you very much for your time. Great questions! So here are my answers:

Firstly, I'll answer question #2 about languages. We are trying to teach the boys some Turkish. Well, let me rephrase that. I am trying. JB really doesn't speak Turkish. He and Elijah know all their numbers. In fact, Elijah knows his numbers better than Isaac. Isaac knows all his colors. Unfortunately, since I am not a fluent Turkish speaker, we are doubtful that they will learn more than the basic, overview type words in Turkish. In many other countries throughout Europe (like Germany), parents can put their children in German preschools where they can learn the language fluently. In Turkey, we do not have that option. The Base is pretty isolated and it is not encouraged to put your children in a Turkish school. We try to practice our Turkish with our housekeeper and gardener and any other Turkish employees we meet through the day, but I don't think it will be enough to get them fluent. I wish it was!

Secondly, on to your first question.

I think it is important for everyone to remember that blogs don't present a completely accurate version of a person. You are only seeing what I choose to share and so, while I may seem to have it all together, you aren't seeing the not-together moments.

That being said, I am incredibly blessed to have Veronica here helping me as well as a husband who works very good hours. Also, because we live in Turkey, I have the luxury of a housekeeper and gardener. Although when I had Elijah (and two babies eight months apart), I did not have any of these things. (No Veronica and a husband who was working terrible hours and no help around the house.) So how did I not lose my mind? I have four key "rules" that help me keep things in perspective:

(1) Don't sweat the small things. House a mess? Cup just got spilled? Is it that big of a deal? Probably not. Do you really need to say no to your son about that thing?

(2) Remain patient. Kids feed off of you. Try to continue to be calm. Parent as if someone was always watching you.

(3) Remain consistent. If you have a rule, make it always a rule. Follow through. The kids should know what is and isn't allowed and not be surprised by any punishment.

(4) Remember it is just a season. Your kids are growing up before your eyes. This struggle will soon pass. Try to enjoy the moment.
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