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bloating in lower abdomen ever since period ended

Posted by Ayesha21

Evaporation lines or am i pregnant?

Okay my story is a little strange. My periods are highly irregular and my cycle fluctuates between 31 to 47 days. My LMP was 13th of April 2009. felt like a regular period but it started off funny with a little pink discharge and then proper bleeding, but no cramps. Anyways lasted for 7 days and since then i have been feeling very light headed and very distracted. My doctor asked me to get some blood tests and the results i think showed that I'm not ovulating or smth like that. Anyways after my AF, i started experiencing very strange symptoms and egg white discharge, i kid my self in to thinking that i might be pregnant and i took a pregnancy test....was negative and two hours later positive, tried that with four other tests...all negative and then positive after and hour. I know about the ten minute thingy but I've been testing with the same brand of HPT and i HAVE NEVER SEEN EVAPORATION LINES ON THEM no matter after how long i went back to check. What is going on...please help me...could i be pregnant and still get my period...Serum Beta HCG tests cost too much so i'm wondering if i should go and get it done or will it be a total waste of money, or could i really be pregnant. I had unprotected sex on the 12th of April. ever since my period ended on the 20th of May i've had this bvlaoting and fluttering in my lower abdomen. HELP!!
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