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Bleeding and burning sensation during urination

Posted by concerned

For the last 4 days, I have had a burning sensation during urination.  In addition, there is also some light bleeding with fine blood clot particles.  I have had the frequent urge to urinate...for example,  once an hour today.  It is really painful...kind of like trying to pass a sharp object. 

My last period was on May 26. My husband and I are trying to have a baby, and after ovulation, I had a feeling that I could be pregnant.  I have read that there are times a woman can have a miscarriage within the first couple weeks of pregnancy and not even know it. Is that true?  The date of my next menstrual cycle is June 26. 

On Monday (five days ago), I felt really bloated and fatigued with some abdominal cramping.  The irritation during urination started the following day.  Light spotting was added the third day and continues till today (Friday).  Initially, I thought this might be implantation bleeding, but now I'm thinking this may have been a very early miscarriage.

Should I be concerned?  Could this be a urinary tract infection?  I recall having a urinary tract infection  years ago, but don't recall the bleeding.  Do these symptoms point towards a different condition? 

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if you are urinating accompanied by a burning sensation and blood I would suggest you make an appointment with your health care provider to check for a UTI

if you are feeling like you need to pass something while you are urinating I would also look into checking for kidney stones.


From a fertility point of view:


when did you ovulate? What method did you use to determine ovulation? What is the average length of your cycles?

I am guessing that if you are due for a menstural flow then today would be  7-8 DPO??  At this point it would be generally too early for a miscarriage.  I say generally because there are the rare women out there who implant around 5DPO and can have a pregnancy detect by an early test around 8 DPO- like I said- it is rare. 

As someone who has been in this game for 4.5 years let me tell you something I've learned: It is best to not look for what can't be truely determined during your luteal phase.  This includes things like "implantation dips", "implantation bleeding", chemical pregnancies, etc.  There is a lot of heartbreak that comes with looking that closely- especially since even after a confirmed pregnancy looking back in hindsight doesn't even make those things certain.  It makes it that much more difficult when your menstral cycle ends right when it is supposed to.  Also remember that the natural raising of your progestrone during the luteal phase can cause pregnancy like symptoms (by simple reason that progesterone is what sustains a pregnancy as well as what is produced during the LP- yes nature is cruel that way. 


Best of luck and a quick journey to you

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