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Bleeding after Ovulation

Posted by Cottoncupcake

I have been using Ovulation Predictor sticks and recieved 'textbook' positive results indicating ovulation would take place, I recieved these results  cycle days 15, 16, 17 and 1/2 of 18th day (tested negative in evening after early afternoon +) as I am activley trying to concieve.

From Day 14 of my cycle I have had aching on my lower left side, accompanied by lower back ache.  This has continued through to day 21 (today), being most prominent on day 16.

On CD19 late evening I noticed some pink staining when I wiped, CD20 light bleeding (RED/fresh) which later turned to brown staining in the evening, and today CD21 light bleeding (red/fresh) in the morning, turning to brown midday, red in the afternoon and brown again in the evening. More than what one would call "spotting"

I am confused as to what to make of this and am  after some information and guidance as to this being a normal ovulatory occurance, whether I could have tested + for LH surge however ovulated late? and if the amount of bleeding is normal.And perhaps some ideas as to what it could be.

Thank you.


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