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Birthday Update

Posted Nov 07 2009 10:01pm
As I mentioned before, my 30th birthday is coming up. Being born on Christmas Eve has always made it hard to find the time to celebrate with friends and family, especially since having kids. Little buggers only seem to care about Santa.

Being that my date of birth is inconvenient for those who celebrate any type of December holiday, we're trying to spread my celebrating out from now until Christmas. My best friend always takes a birthday week since her birthday is a few days after Thanksgiving. My mom takes an entire birthday month since her birthday is on the 1st of the month. I have always managed to get a birthday 3 hours, sandwiched between last minute shopping and putting together toys after everyone is asleep. So to make 30 a big deal, we're going to actually acknowledge I have a birthday for more than 180 minutes.

Step 1 in my celebrating: The husband is pre-ordering me a Barnes & Noble Nook. I'm uber excited.

Step 2: The husband and I are going to attempt to find a babysitter for Sunday and he is going to take me to New York to visit Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

Step 3: Some weekend in December, we are going to find a babysitter and my parents are taking the husband and I to a fancy, no-kids Japanese restaurant. I've wanted to go to one forever (or since I discovered I'm obsessed with sushi) but never tried to make it happen because getting a babysitter is a luxury I don't indulge in often.

Step 4: Once again going to attempt finding a babysitter so that the husband and I can find some friends to go to the bar with one weekend night. This one is a little more for the husband than myself because he's dying to go out to the bar and I've become quite the homebody in my old age.

And finally, the big step 5: In honor of my huge birthday, I'm having a giveaway. From November 24 to December 24, I'll be taking entries to win gift cards to some of my favorite places. I am still accepting donations, so please email me if you'd like to take part in my birthday giveaway. This contest will only be for followers, of which I have pitifully few (not that I don't love the ones I have. Seriously, LOVE YOU guys). The more followers I get during the month before my birthday, the more prizes go into the giveaway, so you guys may want to start pimping me out. Just saying.
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