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Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!

Posted Oct 03 2010 4:47am

Clara and Anna celebrated their birthday for numerous days here at Chez Sticky Feet.  On Saturday, September 25, we hosted a birthday party for them at our house.  We invited everyone for lunch and I made cupcakes for dessert.  Clara had a chocolate cupcake and Anna had strawberry to go with the brown and pink theme for the day.

I had so many photos that I wanted to share that I just created a slideshow.  You'll notice their adorable birthday outfits.  These were made for them by my bloggy bud, Rachel.  Her blog is password protected but she does have an Etsy shop where she sells adorable clothes.  The pillow case dresses, ruffle pants, and birthday hats were all made by Rachel and I love them!  The Birthday Girl tees were sent by fellow twin mom, Ellen (whose blog is also password protected), and her girls wore them last year.

On Saturday evening, Aunt Manny showed up to celebrate the girls birthday and brought a truckload of gifts with her.  I am now desperately in need of toy organization!  Bo and the girls were thrilled to see her and we enjoyed spending time with her and her friend, Jamie, on Saturday and Sunday.

Aunt Manny also brought special cookies for the girls that one of her friends made.  Anna-banana cookies and Clara-bear cookies (Anna's were monkeys with pink bows and Clara's were bears with red bows).  We took a plate of cookies to Mary's house on Monday so the girls could celebrate their birthday there.

On Tuesday, the girls actual birthday, we spent the day as a family and went to pick out pumpkins, took an exciting trip to Wal-Mart, took a walk, and topped it off with white powdered donuts for dessert as a special treat that evening.  I also nursed the girls for the last time on Tuesday.  We made it to a year!  The girls are now drinking whole milk out of sippys and we've eliminated all bottles from our cabinets.

Overall, it was a successful birthday for all.  I know they won't remember any of it, but I will!  It's amazing to reflect on their first year - and I'm sure you'll hear me drone on about that in another post soon!
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